New Year's Bento

New Year's Bento:

In Japan, soba (buckwheat noodles) symbolize longevity and are traditionally eaten on New Year‘s eve. I’m nine days too late but I thought it was time again so I combined the soba with stir-fried gobō (burdock root.. I LOVE this vegetable!) and carrots in mirin and soy sauce and it turned out delicious.
Millie bento

Bentos for Kindergartener and Third-grader

This week they had a truncated schedule because of parent/teacher conferences. The Kindergartener's "lunch" period was at 10:30; the third-graders, at 10:50. Dismissal was 11:45. Therefore, this week's bentos are all teensy, and I didn't bother too much about making them super balanced, since they had allllll afternoon to fill in any nutritional gaps.

Monday: Mini penne with marinara. Meatball. Broccoli. Mini bell pepper.

bento 11-26-12

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Sorry for cell pic. I have no good excuse other than laziness and lack of time.

Bottom tier: brown rice; lemon pepper chicken sauteed in EVOO; sauteed yellow squash, zucchini, and white onion.
Top tier: a Babybel cheese; some blackberries; a Cutie orange; pomegranate arils.

This lunch was delicious, but I was shocked to discover that I was ravenous by the time I got home that evening! I should have taken a yogurt cup or something to have on one of my breaks.