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Bento Lunches
First Bento - First Post 
6th-Jan-2010 09:19 pm
My first Post in this community, and also my first Bento and my first Tamagoyaki :)

Left: Crackers and Saltbretzel

Middle: Steamcooked rice with Wasabi Furikake

Right: Korean Glassnoodle salad, Tamagoyaki and olives filled with garlic.

I was pretty stuffed after this :)
6th-Jan-2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
Ohh congrats on your first!
It looks sooo good! Especially those olives, and I don't even like olives! Did you buy them like that or stuff them yourself?
8th-Jan-2010 09:16 am (UTC)
Thank you :) But I have to admit taht I bought the olives in a can ^^'
7th-Jan-2010 01:47 am (UTC)
Welcome to the community! A very nice first bento! Love the olives too... we get them in jars here in Texas. And now I am inspired to make tamagoyaki tomorrow. :-D
8th-Jan-2010 09:17 am (UTC)
Tahnk you for your welcome :) I hope your tamagoyaki was good. I find it highly addicting to make tamagoyaki XD
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