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Miss me? ;P Haha

It's been a while...  I just finished updating my poor, neglected blog - check it out here for the rest of the bento from like the last 6 weeks...

This is a bento from my hubby Rob's b-day on Aug 27 -- The rest of the bento since then are on my blog...

I hadn't grocery shopped since we got back from camping, but here is what Rob ended up with for his birthday bento :)

Top Tier: Clementine sections, Bold Chex Mix, Mac Salad w. Carrot I ♥ You, Wasabi almonds and reeses pieces in a mini paper valentine's cupcake cup :)

Bottom Tier: Iceberg salad (from a bag), shredded cheddar, cherry tomatoes from our garden, southwest chicken breast and Happy ♥ Birthday carrots :)

Grape and Mango gummies in the lid

Sept 30 -- Dinner - Kat's (in case it's been too long, reminder that she packs her own :)

Top Tier: Rice w/ Furikake (rice seasoning) in the monkey, tea marbled quail eggs and spring greens

Bottom Tier: Baby Carrots, Tamagoyaki and Kiwi slices

Sept 8 Lunch Bento -- 

Ahmetia's for her first day of classes - she also packs her own (they are too lazy to post them themselves)

Top Tier: Cheese Omelet, Rice w/ Furikake

Bottom Tier: Baby carrot sticks, Asian jelly, Muscat gummy and dragon fruit

See many more on my blog at:   http://anamericaninbento.blogspot.com/

There's also a non-bento post from yesterday w/ pictures of my oldest daughter Ahmetia's bedroom makeover in case you're curious :D

Happy Bento-ing!!


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