Judgy McJudgerpants (marlatiara) wrote in bentolunch,
Judgy McJudgerpants

Another Wednesday, another bento! Sadly, this was the last concert on the square until the spring, so I'm going to have to watch for other bento-making opportunities between now and then!


In the blue container, top left is a peanut butter/chocolate gourmet spread for the apples to the right. A tiny container of Bragg's Aminos. Edamame. And a heart of lentils for my daughter.

In the middle, a steamed bun (that wasn't as good as it should've been) and an avocado/spicy paste onigiri on some seaweed.

On the right, cheese flowers, sad apple "bunnies" (next time I'll try something else), and a sunflower seed butter half-sandwich.

Aside from the not-so-wonderful bun, this was a good lunch!
Tags: marlatiara, vegetarian

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