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Lighting is the key

I've come to decide that until I have better lighting in my kitchen, my food photography is not going to get better, which is really sad. And since it's a shared kitchen, I can't just set up a photography station or anything, so for now it will continue being the best pics I (or my fiancee) can get.

Anyways, onto the actual bento. These are mostly just leftovers, with a little bit of tweaking and attempts at making them look nice. Unfortunately, my new box does not compliment my leftover nabeyaki soba at all >.< Or the tempura for that matter. I think I'll try salad next time.

Ryan (the fiancee)'s bento:
Top Tier: Pineapple; Sweet Potato and Broccoli Tempura; Strawberry of Tempura Dippind Sauce
Bottom Tier: Curry Mei Fun

My new Relax Bear Bento unfortunately looks really grey and sad today >.<
Top Tier: Nabeyaki Soba (delicious, but not very pretty once everything gets mixed up, it looked much better in the bowl at the restaurant)
Bottom Tier: Shrimp, Fishcake, Zucchini Tempura; Apple of Tempura Dipping Sauce; Pokemon gummies

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what would look better in my new bento? It's so bright and cheery, but tan or grey-ish foods make it look so sad.


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