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09/29/09 Bento

Super tired...



Here we have smoked salmon nigiri, two slices of tamagoyaki, peppered chicken with broccoli, shrimp and vegetable gyoza, sweet potato dessert, and strawberry and kiwi.  I meant to add apply bunnies, but it didn't fit. T T

The top one was the one I made for Matt, the newest member of the Jean's Magical Bento club....thing.  This one is mine.

This one is Rob's...because it has extra kiwi in it. Lol...XD

And this was Tim's.

Rich didn't want one today because he didn't want to trouble me with having to pack the extra bento.  That's pretty much it for today, methinks.  
I'm out, peeps.  I'm sleep deprived and moody.  I should leave before I say something incredibly stupid. XD
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