La Jiza (_jzabelle_) wrote in bentolunch,
La Jiza

Last week i planned bentos for 4 days but my job became all crazy so i only could prepare bentos for 2 days. Also, I couldn't prepare them as I planned because I had no time so I decided not to plan my bentos anymore. Now I have some veggies and some food I can be prepairing on the go during the week. Also, my hub can help me a little bit :D

#14 - 20090921

This was last monday's bento. Left: meat pudding (beef, chicken and ham) with apple sauce and some roast carrots underneath. Right: green bean salad (green beans, tomato, onion and green olives). Also, a side container with some watermelon :)

#15 - 20090922

This was tuesday's bento. It was totally vegan. Right: frugal chickpea salad (chickpeas, olives and tomato... not as delicious as the full salad...). Left: green bean salads leftovers and roast carrot. Some watermelon on the side container :D



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  • What's inside?

    hi everyone!♥ please tell me what is in this bento? i would like to know each item? aina tanaka (japanese model) bento! thank you~ \(^-^*)

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