ribcagefiligree (ribcagefiligree) wrote in bentolunch,

Bentos from the last week or so!

I was sooo excited to use my new (bigger) box the other day. In the bottom tier we have baby carrots & ranch, pasta & cooked veggies and in the top tier you see caesar snappea crisps, a couple animal crackers, apple & cinammon gerber puffs and a goldfish cinnamon cookie

There's another picture of this lunch under the cut, (as well as of my new box,) and then
the very tip-top chopsticks spot also has a dark chocolate almond/cranberry square and a raspberry tea bag

Isn't it just adorable?! I'm also in love with my new aluminum bottle that I snagged for $5 at Old Navy.

Not the best picture, but in the top tier we have a flower shaped oatmeal pie with a fruit roll-up star, carrot sticks and caesar snap peas. Below that, we have hard-boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and a sun-dried tomato wrap with a laughing cow swiss cheese spread, a slice of american cheese and sprouts. Mmmmm.  [Below that's my chocolate and salt for the egg.]

Again, not the best picture, but anyway, in the top we have my chocolate. In the middle, you'll see a hard-boiled egg, snappea crisps, veggie dog and cherry tomatoes. Underneath, you'll see a baby-bel cheese, carmel mini rice cakes and a couple of animal crackers running through the box. :] I'll make sure to take a picture of all of them next week!

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