rinsly (rinsly) wrote in bentolunch,

my first "picture" bento

beans and rice background, spinach leaf tree, cheese flowers on the tree, some chili sauce hiding under the tree. other half of box is blueberries, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and blue cheese in the rabbit.

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yesterday's i forgot to post was: yogurt (wheat jerm in the little container) and blueberries on top garnished with chocolate and a babybell. bottom tier was couscous with chorizo tomatoes and spinich, decorated with carrot stars. penguin had chili sauce.
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  • Arabian inspired bento

    + arabian inspired pasta with tomatoes and parsley + egg + skewered cinammon-meatballs

  • Bento bento

    + Whiskey-soysauce ramen with carrot-flowers and pepper + rucola-salad + chicken nuggets + flower-shaped hard-boiled egg

  • Bento Bento

    It's finally bento-time again. + fried tomato-rice + skewered meatballs/bellpepper-pieces + salad + a slightly failed marbled egg

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