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09/17/09 Bento

Yes, I know. I know. I missed Tuesday bento, but that's because I was poor.


OKAY!! From the top left, we have the scallop concoction (by special request) and green beans with pollock fish cooked in coconut milk (very aromatic). On the bottom row, we have kangkong with smoked ham, brown rice with tomatoes, and three slices of white apricots.

Yeah...tomorrow's will be yummier! ^ ^ My professor asked me to make one for him too; so I'z make a good one! ^______^ . . . to the best of my ability. > o

This is waskabi's...

This is Rob's...

This is mine...

And this is EVERYONE'S!!! ^__________^

I'm accepting monetary donations now.  I can't support feeding all these people just on my own anymore. XD
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