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Carte Postale d’Indonésie


Diana from Bento Concept and her friend KaraChiwie have started traveling around the world with bento. The first stop was Italy and the next stop is Indonesia (October 5th). Bento Concept has amazingly cute bento. Even though the site is written in French, Diana provides a short English summary at the bottom. Everyone is welcome to join the bento-around-the-world adventure!

Bottom tier (brown): Egg sheet; baby spinach; tofu noodles cooked with carrot, fish sauce, coconut lime dressing, ginger lime sauce, and soy sauce, Baby elephant made out of konnyaku and cooked in sesame oil with cheese decorations [I personally think the elephant looks like a mouse and my boyfriend said it could be an anteater too].

Top tier (orange): Spicy green beans with shrimp paste, curried chicken skewers, konnyaku and carrot with tofu sesame sauce. Under the noodles is an orange container filled with peanut sauce.

I’ve never been to Indonesia, but my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend taught there for a while. I didn’t want to do the typical fried rice nasi goreng but wanted to get the range of flavors available in Indonesia. And Indonesia is also famous for elephants.

This was actually my first -ever- attempt at kyaraben キャラ弁 with the little elephant. I have once again proven that though I can come up with creative ideas, my execution (mind to hand) is lacking. How do I solve this problem and become craftier??

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