I TRUST SEVERUS SNAPE (trekkiegrrrl) wrote in bentolunch,

Bento # 623 & 624

The Friday bento was so lame that I've hold off posting it until I had something better to show along with it *L* So at the top is tomorrow's bento, and below that is the lame excuse for lunch on Friday

Bento # 624
Bento # 624
Spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce. Pigpen made of meatloaf bits. Pigs of normal egg and quail egg and spicy baloney. Nori for the eyes. Carrot flower. Corn cob slices, banana stars and green asparagus with bacon wrapping.
Bento # 623
Bento # 623
Rice and curry sauce adorned with sausage flowers and a Piglet made of spicy baloney. Banana stars, apple hearts, baby iwi slices and a few (frozen) blueberries. Curried chicken, curried vegetables.

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