Jenny Kay (jennykay79) wrote in bentolunch,
Jenny Kay

Today's lunch

This is only my second week of making bentos (I dove in after reading the NYT article last week), but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I learned the hard way about cooling all the food before packing (the steam from the rice turned my broccoli brown!) and to squeeze lemon juice over fruit outside the box (the juice turned the bottoms of my asparagus brown!). Also, if I'm packing salad in the bottom, I really need more protein in the top to fill me up.

But here's today's lunch, the first I've photographed:

Top tier: Organic Bartlett pear (with lemon juice to keep from browning), cherry tomato from my garden, asparagus, corn cob.

Bottom tier: Shake and Bake chicken leftovers, plain onigiri with nori face, soy sauce in the fishy, more asparagus.

My boss is half Japanese and very amused at my new bento obsession. She brought in all kinds of stuff to teach me to make the onigiri. She said onigiri is a very personal thing, since it's usually given to children and becomes a real reminder of childhood. She refuses to eat rice that has been refrigerated or frozen and thought I was weird when I wanted to put cucumber in the middle of mine.

I'm having so much fun with this and really enjoy seeing all your creations!


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