The Sacred Chao (jokergirl) wrote in bentolunch,
The Sacred Chao

Bento #249

(No, I'm not cheating, it's just that yesterday's bento wasn't particularly postworthy. But it is up on the blog, if you're interested.)

I was actually planning to make chirashizushi with the sushi rice I prepared, but when I cut into my avocado I found it had... gone bad. Aw.
But there's always a chance to turn defeat into something good - and nobody will argue when the alternative is inarizushi! Yum.
The other layer holds a sliced Demeter tomato, the last of the corncob flowers, a soy sauce fishy and tamagoyaki on lettuce. Tasty!

*pondering what to do for #250 after the weekend...*


My bentoblog:

PS: I almost lost my boxes today - my backpack had shaken open and when I walked on the train platform they fell out! Luckily I had wrapped them in a napkin. Yay for furoshikis! Who says they're just there to look cute?
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