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Kitty Bento

Here is the bento I did yesterday after a coworker complained that my bentos weren't "food art" any more. Geez!

Not real happy with how the mouth turned out - but I think I can fix it next time I try using the toothpick/food coloring method, if I just dab the surface with a paper towel first to make sure it isn't moist.

  • Arabian inspired bento

    + arabian inspired pasta with tomatoes and parsley + egg + skewered cinammon-meatballs

  • Bento bento

    + Whiskey-soysauce ramen with carrot-flowers and pepper + rucola-salad + chicken nuggets + flower-shaped hard-boiled egg

  • Bento Bento

    It's finally bento-time again. + fried tomato-rice + skewered meatballs/bellpepper-pieces + salad + a slightly failed marbled egg

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