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oh my goodness, if you dont keep on top of these photos every day, they really pile up!! here's every bento I've made since last I posted - to include a snacky bento, some new bento boxes that I got last weekend, and my first attempt at a cheesey cute creative thing!!

we can start w/the latest/cutest thing, and work backwards ;) close up of the froggie I made thanks to trekkiegrrrl's sending of a bear-shaped rice mold :D :D :D I must figure out how to do cute things better, seriously. strawberries w/cilantro just... not so good. :\

husband's lunch for 9/16/09. spicy carrots, cucumber wedges, strawberries, and grapes in this tier.

other tier was rice w/some mexican-style chicken and the froggie cheese happy face, decorated w/cilantro, asparagus bits for eyes, and a carefully-cut strawberry bit for a smile.

our lunches together for 9/16/09. essentially the same stuff, except mine has asparagus instead of carrots (on the top) - and my chicken and rice has cheese stars vs. a cheese froggie.


jumping around in time, here's a bento from last tuesday (over a week ago):

husband's lunch. left side is panko-breaded chicken strips w/some sort of sauce for dipping (and the Number Five skewer!), and the right side is macky-cheese, dried apricots, sliced apples, and my first attempt at an apple bunny.

I went on a trip for work and packed a snacky bento for to have in my hotel room. left side had peanut butter + graham cracker sammiches (thanks to the person in this comm who posted something similar for the idea!), dried apricots, and lil' japanese bunny snacky things. right side was cinnamon-sprinkled apples and a whole lotta carrot sticks for munchin'.

a close up of the graham cracker sammiches turned out neat, so I thought 'd share ;)


I found an international market not toooooo terribly far from me that ACTUALLY HAD BENTO BOXES!! so this is my husband's new box, packed for the first time. there's a silicon cup of sliced strawberries, w/grapes and a lil' sauce pig next to a tamagoyaki, and the right side had freshly-sauteed veggies and rice w/furikari.

here it is w/the lid on (and my camera flash on too)... seems inspirational w/the quote, yes? (though I kinda dont like that you can see through the lid - it spoils the surprise!)

my bento that same day... which was... MONDAY. yes. monday the 14th of september. yes, that. on the left - strawberries, a grape, tamagoyaki and steamed asparagus. on the right, sauteed veggies, sauce pig, and rice. and the cute panda face lid that I love, cuz I love it.


I got myself a new bento box too - piiiink!! this was a very strange lunch for me (it was also tuesday's lunch, and tuesdays tend to be weird days overall, don't they?). on the left was some spicy carrots w/steamed asparagus dividing them, on the right was lots of chopped fruit (peaches, grapes and strawberries) with cinnamon, and the pink box had rice that I had pre-packed in it, w/some italian-seasoned tofu, and I covered the rice in parmesan, and had a lil' container of spaghetti sauce tucked in.

at the last minute I plucked two basil leaves off the wee basil plant I have grown from seed in our kitchen window, and I think that spruced it up nicely.

....aaaand I think that catches me up for now. whew. I love making bentos!! ^_^

(but seriously if you guys have any tips/tricks for decorating the cheese so it doesnt look like a furry frog? that'd be awesome. thanks!!!)
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