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Itty Bitty Bento

Mum is really stressed at work at the minute so she's not eating much.  I've cut down the size of the bento and made lots of little things that she can have at her desk and snack on, as I understand it, over the course of about 3 hours.  So long as she remembers to eat I'm happy!  Times like this are why I started making her bento as I once discovered that she hadn't had lunch at all one week as she was too busy to leave her desk!  We go on holiday for a much deserved break on Friday so no more bento making for a few weeks. 

She has an egg with a kitty of mayo, cucumber sticks, red pepper hummous, carrot and cucumber flowers, a strawberry sitting on top of carrot flowers and some mini Ryvita in the ziplock bag.  She also has a cupcake to tempt her to take at least 5 minutes out to eat it.   

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