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I'm pretty proud of this lunch. :)


On the left, there's lentils with parmesan in the heart, a tub of organic applesauce, some Snapea Crisps, and a cereal bar. My daughter did not eat any of it, but I tried! (There's an organic fruit leather on top.)

On the right, there's a banana, and then from top left, clockwise, there's:

What was an onigiri that fell apart on top of some nori, and a mushroom/veggie bun
A hard-boiled egg and some more Snapea Crisps
Granola (that I got as a free sample in the mail) with a container of furikake and a container of Bragg's Aminos
Three sweet peppers stuffed with Laughing Cow cheese (these were AWESOME!) and some strawberries that my daughter did eat

Yum. :)
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