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Faralle Arcobaleno

Totoro Handkerchief 091509_1

My boyfriend made dinner last night and I convinced him to make some extra so I could pack it for lunch (see my sneakiness?). He packed it in the bento box I originally got him. Later in the night I took it out of the fridge and smushed the pasta over some to make room for half of a custard bun, some raisins and an Anpanman chocolate! The Anpanman character is actually Baikinman (ばいきんまん) which means “bacteria man”. The chocolate came with a trivia question too:


Anpanman Quiz

ジャムおじさんがつくった メロンパンで できてるこだあれ?
Who is the girl Uncle Jam created out of the melon bread he made?


Melon Panna-chan


The pasta is rainbow bowties that I picked up on sale from World Market. The Italian word for it is faralle arcobaleno. The sauce is just jarred tomato sauce from Whole Foods with added basil and some jalapeno chicken sausage. The basil is homegrown by the way~ (not my house–my boyfriend’s mom’s). I wrapped everything up in a Totoro handkerchief that I bought from the loveghibli store. Surprisingly, the handkerchief is two centimeters larger than my furoshiki that I also ordered from there.

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