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Bento #47 - #52

I have a few bentos to post. I haven't been able to post lately, so I have quite the backlog.

Top Tier: pork dumplings, squash stars, soy paste and a quail egg toadstool
Bottom Tier: snow peas and purple rice stars
Sidecar: asparagus, cherry tomato, squash and a quail egg toadstool

Top Tier: quail eggs with tomato tops, snow peas, blue rice bear, sliced quail eggs and a cherry tomato balloon
Bottom Tier: pork dumplings, blue rice, soy paste

Top: peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple slices
Bottom: quail eggs with tomato tops, snow peas, pretzel chips and apple slices

Top Tier: chow mein noodles in a brown gravy
Bottom Tier: rice and everything pretzel thins

Top Tier: ham, swiss and pickle rolls and cottage cheese
Bottom Tier: star shaped boiled egg and carrots
Sidecar: black beans and corn salsa and everything pretzel chips

green rice onigiri, edamame, boiled egg, carrots and potato salad

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