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Mum's New Bento

My Mum was really excited today because her first box from J-list arrived! She got her very first bento, so I packed her a really nice lunch of leftover recipes I'd been trying.

Top Tier: Caprese salad with homegrown tomatoes and baby spinach lining the tier
Bottom Tier: Pizzatizers (recipe and idea stolen from Not Exactly Bento); Sesame Chicken; Ham, Cheese, Spinach Quiche

So I have to say, all of the bottom tier are recipes I tried for my first time today. The quiche was because I see so many fabulous looking quiches in people's bento, and I SO wanted to try some. They came out really good, I was glad ^_^ Next I have to say that I've found my bento-muse. Jenn at Not Exactly Bento is my inspiration! I don't really know how to cook and as I've been bentoing I've been learning to cook a few new things here or there. I got the "pizzatizers" and sesame chicken from her site (I think she got the sesame chicken from elsewhere). Everything just came out so good, and all the recipes were so easy and good for a beginner cook. My mom is so excited for her brand new bento and all the food I cooked today ^_^



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  • What's inside?

    hi everyone!♥ please tell me what is in this bento? i would like to know each item? aina tanaka (japanese model) bento! thank you~ \(^-^*)

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