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Been on here a week or so and i LOVE all the bento boxes i see! so yummy and creative. gives me lots of ideas! Anywho...I shall post bento pics maybe later or tomorrow once i MAKE my bento lunch but i my post reason is this:

Is my bento microwavable? i know some are and some aren't and i hope mine is because i don't like eating cold rice. Here are pics of mine and maybe you can tell me:

(maybe the back will say something? it's kind of hard to read sorry)

It is a rather small bento and i hope one day to upgrade to something bigger (because honestly, NOT ENOUGH FOOD XD) this bento has a removable divider. it CAME with chopsticks and a case but i since lost the case and the chopsticks. le sigh.

Other question since it is probably in the FAQ but i didn't see it: Any tips to keep the rice in my onigiri from going all dry and left overy on me? i am sure you know what i am talkin about when you have left over rice that is more than a day gets all ..unsoft...i wish i could describe it better. i guess i could microwave my rice balls, hmmm

Thank you! if this isn't something to be posted or i am doing something wrong feel free to tell me!


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