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Loafing Around Bento (goro-goro)


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Sept 10th
– My boyfriend made me a ham and baby spinach sandwich and I paired it with a heft parfait. I sliced a whole banana and then poured vanilla yogurt on top and packed cornflakes, graham crackers, and some locally-made granola to pair with it.

091109_2 091109_1
Sept 11th – Once again, I’ve been relying on my boyfriend to make sandwiches for me. Swiss, Ham, and baby spinach. I got to use my new Totoro container and put in two slices of chocolate roll, some un-frosted shredded wheat, a pumpkin candy, and some yogurt. This was actually too much, so the yogurt went uneaten. The yogurt is actually the recommended serving on the blueberry marshmallow bag! (recipe here.

Sept 14th – I literally grabbed random scraps of food around the house today. I think this is far too much food, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t go hungry through the day. Blue container has rice and some matzah crumbs with an ochazuke packet. Char siu bao (nikuman) in the plastic below and an adzuki layer cake to the right. The cake, which I had as a mid-morning snack with my coffee, was dry and very filling so I don’t think I’ll be able to eat all this lunch. Unfortunately, I bought too many things at my local patisserie and am now being forced to eat through them quickly before they go bad.

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