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Atlanta-area peeps!

I wanted to let anyone in the Atlanta area in Georgia (and I know there are a bunch of us) know that the Super H-Mart in Duluth currently has a bunch of little character-themed plastic bento boxes for about $4. I saw one in particular that was some sort of penguin character. It came with two tiers and a band. Plus Ramune is on sale this week (I think? maybe longer?) for 99 cents and they had a TON of flavors. (I got pineapple - I had no idea it came in so many varieties.)

I also bought just a few boxes of cookies:


Also I just wrote an article about saving money by packing bento boxes - I'd love if you all would check it out and comment. FULL DISCLOSURE: I get paid for page views (it's on Examiner.com) but I do NOT randomly spam my articles, I'm just particularly pleased with this one and wanted to share it.

And I will be writing a different article for a local (new) funky parenting magazine called Ruckus about packing bento boxes for your kids - if you're Atlanta-area-based and you make bento lunches FOR YOUR KIDS and you'd be interested in being interviewed, please leave a comment and I'll add you to my list. I can't promise I'll interview everyone but you never know...! :)

Thanks and see ya Wednesday with another bento! :)
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