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Kawaii Bento Boxes & 2 fried shrimp lunches

Mystery solved! Turns out Pikko was right when she suspected that the new Kawaii Bento Boxes cookbook was a translation of an existing Japanese-language bento book. I've got the Japanese one in my collection: Ichinenju Yakudatsu Tsuen Obento. Wrote a full review of the English book here at Lunch in a Box with a comparison to the Japanese original.

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Carp-shaped inside-out sushi roll filled with fried shrimp (eyes: sliced quail eggs, carrot or zucchini, and nori roasted seaweed. Scales: carrots or zucchini. Gills: nori roasted seaweed. Rice flavored with pink sakura denbu and green aonori.). Steamed zucchini and carrots with Korean barbecue sauce, grapes, and a bed of lettuce round out the lunch.

Morning prep time: 70 minutes — ARGH!!!  Way too long, but at least I only make bentos like this once or twice a year. Full details here at Lunch in a Box.

Fried shrimp bento lunch for preschooler

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Fried shrimp, steamed broccoli with vinaigrette dressing, round onigiri (stuffed with Gohan Desu Yo! seaweed paste and decorated with strips of nori seaweed), wrapped triangle cheese, grapes, and kiwifruit.

Morning prep time: 15 minutes, using frozen rice and fried shrimp left over from the shrimp rolls the day before. In the morning I assembled the rice balls, nuked a couple florets of broccoli in my microwave mini steamer, and peeled/sliced the kiwifruit. Full details here at Lunch in a Box.
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