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09/10/09 Bento

So, I made bento for lunch today. It took me about a good hour and a half. I found that cooking brown rice took longer than I thought it would.

OKAY!! From the top, left to right, we have...two slices of white apricot (because I LURVE white apricots!!!! ^____^) and two green grapes. On the right, it's fried pollock fish fillet (sliced) with long green beans. The three edamame are on top of fried brown rice with tomatoes (which did wonders to the taste of the brown rice, according to Rich and waskabi), mushrooms, and basil. Next to that is scrambled egg with mozarella cheese and tomatoes seasoned with basil, oregano, and olive oil. The bottom right is my scallop/olive/corn concoction. These days, I like putting more spice in my foods; so I added a whole lot of black pepper, red pepper, and paprika to this. waskabi likes it too, but Rich said to put less spice in his next time.

Here are the other two pictures I took of the fewds:

This was Rich's. I tried to pack as much food as possible into it because he says he doesn't get full. T T I need bigger boxes. -__-

And this was all three of ours. I get the smallest one 'cuz it's my favorite box. XDDD
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    hi everyone!♥ please tell me what is in this bento? i would like to know each item? aina tanaka (japanese model) bento! thank you~ \(^-^*)

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