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First grade started yesterday.  There was a bento yesterday, but it did not meet LittleMans' standards, and he made that known... "you didn't do your best mom.. I wanted an *angry* monster, not a cute one".   I didn't think angry was the way to start the school year.  But, no pic from yesterday. 

Today was by request, made under 6yr old supervision, of a character he knows absolutely nothing about and has never seen but knows he is Popular (which was also his request on the second day of school last year.. he said I did a better job this time).  Pikachu from cheese on a turkey sandwich, with a carved apple, cuke & carrot flowers, red pepper halves (that look like cute little hats, or dragon scales, or any number of things) and some hello panda cookies.  He is under duress that if he does not eat his vegetables he will get a plate of steamed cauliflower for dinner (not his favorite vegetable). 

I hope everybody who bentos for school lunches had a great summer, and wishing all of our children a safe, happy and productive school year.


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