I TRUST SEVERUS SNAPE (trekkiegrrrl) wrote in bentolunch,

Bento # 616

For once, a bento for ME! Which means I could go wild and actually use *gasp* RICE in a bento *L*

And then I go and use it for some lame triangular onigiri... But well.. they're tasty. And I DID pit a froggie in for the cute factor *L*

Bento # 616
Bento # 616
Onigiri with tuna salad, one of them rolled in tarako-furikake. Cucumber froggie. Cheese stars. Slalmi- & quail egg flowers. cherry tomato. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. Sautéed green asparagus tied in a spring onion band.

Tags: trekkiegrrrl

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