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I had a funky week last week and ended up not making bentos every day, and this week I am sadly being sent out of town for work tomorrow and won't get to make any more this week either!! GAH!! BUT!! I do have lots of photos of the bentos I haven't had a chance to share yet. and oh my goodness, my star cutter - I love it!!

husband's bento on sept 1. staaar carrots, rice, frozen peas, and sauce.

other half of his bento from sept 1. raspberries, green pepper, some kind of cheese we got to try out, and some pepperoni salami something or other. it's a very snacky bento half, I must say.

here they are together, for your viewing pleasure.

my bento from sept 1. raspberries, cheese, baby corns, and a spicy tofu and asparagus stir fry on the left. frozen peas, rice, sauce, and carrot stars on the right. (can you tell we end up eating similarly?)


husband's bento from sept 2. star cucumbers and a carrot on top of hummus and peppers. (baggie of pita halves not shown)

other half of his sept 2 bento, veggie fried rice w/egg.

half of my bento, w/the negatives of the cucumber stars filled w/carrot bits, some random japanese puff cracker thingos (in foil cuz I have found they get soggy if not seperated), cucumber stars, and raspberries.

and the other half of my bento from sept 2, more of the veggie fried rice.


I made our bentos the same on sept 3. cucumber slices, carrot sticks and dried apricots, a raspberry, and banana slices w/cinnamon on top in the top bit, and rice with mexicany bean & meaty delicious stuffs on the bottom topped w/cheese stars (SO CUTE I LOVE THE STAR CUTTERS I GOT!!)

close-up of the stars cuz they are awesome (and delicious)

close-up of the snacky half. omg those bananas were delicious.
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