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09/08/09 Bento

So today I made bento for two friends, Rich and waskabi, and myself.  I meant to wake up at five to get it ready, but since I didn't sleep much the day before, I woke up an hour and a half late...and to the oddest dream too (which really didn't hit me until later on in the morning) but ANYWAY!!!

Here is the bento...consisting of (from top left to right) sliced strawberry and two grapes, fish cake, (and although you can't see it) under the fish cake, there are sauteed mushrooms, fish fried with soy sauce, and kangkong in garlic powder.  Then, in the middle you have brown rice seasoned with salmon furikake.  Below that is something new, faux Bombay potatoes made with turnips.  Then at the bottom right, it's leftover pesto pasta from lunch yesterday.

Here are all three lunches I prepared:

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  My camera was about to die. ><
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