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Acacia Hope

From Lurker to Poster

Hi all! I joined this comm over the summer and with school starting soon (like, this Thursday), I thought I'd finally start posting since I plan on using bentos for my lunches this year.


This was just a practice bento I made for lunch in the end of August.
Two hard-boiled eggs
Three brown-rice California rolls (from the grocery store)
Rice noodles with broccoli and onions with soy sauce


Then this is my actual bento box. I got it when I was in third grade (I'm now going to be a junior in high school, so you do the math) because I thought it was cute. Honestly, I don't even remember where I bought this but it came with a little fork and spoon that have their own little area, covered by the black bar/top.


A better picture of the last shot.
Banana cut in the chigai-giri that was featured on Just Bento a little while ago
Carrots and broccoli in soy sauce with red pepper flakes
Three brown-rice California rolls (again, just from the grocery store, pre-made)

Now, I have to go food shopping tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone has had bento staples they could suggest. I plan on looking for some good rice and nori to attempt my own rolls.

Thanks all!
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