an.unusual.mouse. (silverkeys7) wrote in bentolunch,

Twin Bentos

Now that my summer job is over and I'm back at school, I have little reason to make packed lunches anymore. But I was feeling tired and scattered and wanted to do something small and satisfactorily creative without the pressure of taking on a large project, and so I made two twin bento lunches for myself and for my roommate (who packs lunch half of the week anyway) to eat tomorrow.

They're mirror images (for fun), and have different shaped eggs (because I made both eggs at once and don't have two of the same mold). So I guess they are fraternal twins.

Each box contains:
1/2 a tomato-basil cream cheese and ham sandwich on wheat bread (w/ ham heart decoration); salad with lettuce, tomato, stuffed manzanilla olives, carrots, and cannellini beans; shaped hard-boiled egg; tiny container of balsamic vinegar and olive oil; packet of fish and almonds snack; two apple gummy candies.
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