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The kidlet went to visit his grandparents for the weekend so naturally I packed a bento for the road:

Upper tier: fresh blueberries, roasted chickpeas with tamari and crackers.
Bottom tier: still more blueberries, a Babybel cheese still in its wax wrapper and a hardboiled egg cut in two.

The fancy zig zag cut I did on the egg was surprisingly easy. It helped that I used a knife with an extremely short blade (about the width of the egg itself) which made judging the depth of the cuts easy. Also, wiping the knife blade after each cut helps keep your cuts clean and the egg's center from crumbling too much.

I've included roasted chickpeas (cheechers we call them in our house) before. This time I tried a little tamari with the olive oil instead of sea salt during roasting. Tasty!
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