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Bento Lunch 09/03/09

I've been getting into the habit of bringing lunch to school when I have a lunch break in between classes.  Unfortunately, all of my past bentos haven't been photographed because my camera was out of batteries.  All that aside though, I finally got a picture of one, and that was the lunch I made yesterday for myself and a friend of mine.

Here it is:

Contained herein are two rolls of rice with salmon furikake, sliced halves of a strawberry and two green grapes in the first tray.  In the second tray, we have kangkong wrapped tamagoyaki, karaage chicken with kimchee base, and a corn/olive/white button mushroom/scallop salad...thing that I made up. XD

Here's a picture of both bentos...the only difference was that the other bento had nori wrapped onigiri instead of regular rice rolls.

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