I TRUST SEVERUS SNAPE (trekkiegrrrl) wrote in bentolunch,

Bento # 611

A rather lame looking bento, but there's more to it than what meets the eye. See, the non-rice layer is double. Under the two paper cups are hidden an apple bunny and a brownie (courtesy of my work - we hand out brownies for the First Class train passengers this month ;) )

So although this may look rather boring, it actually contains a lot. And of course the rice and chicken is (as always) leftovers from dinner *L*

Bento # 611
Bento # 611
Mixed vegetables in curry sauce. Indian-style curried chicken scraps. Jasmine rice with cardamom and curry, decorated with a baloney Mickey Mouse. Under the veggies and chicken is hidden one brownie and an apple bunny.

Tags: trekkiegrrrl

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