The Sacred Chao (jokergirl) wrote in bentolunch,
The Sacred Chao

Nothing too pretty today (Monday struck again!)

* Stirfried Soba with green onions, fried tofu, bell peppers and carrots
* Bottle of dressing (soy, rice vinegar and sesame oil)
* Raw carrots, peppers, grape tomatoes
* Leek dumplings (premade)
* Mochi, peanut crispies, fried seaweed thingies

And a question: If you make miso soup, do you make it yourself? Or do you use premade soup mixes? If so, which ones? I'm dying to get some miso soup at home but I'm a bit reluctant at the masses of different brands and degrees of premade you can get...

Tags: jokergirl, vegetarian
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