December 30th, 2009

Last Bento of 2009 close out the year in which I joined my first online chat group (bentolunch of course!) and I've had a ball and learned a bunch.
Here are some leftovers from last night's dinner...

Tortilla wrap with pork, mayo and banana peppers... radishes, carrots with ranch, pistachios and the last of the Christmas peanut butter fudge. Happy New Year everyone!
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This is my very first bento. It's extremely simple, haha, but I'll get there.

a mini salad of mixed greens, chopped carrots, and grape tomatoes
a cheese divider (rf 2% pepperjack)
starting from the top: sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli, and hard boiled egg
* I just had salt and pepper with this. I was going to bring an apple also but I forgot.l :C
Caelen Omnom by me

Greetings, all!!

This is my first post, and first bento!!

I made it for my 2 year old son, and filled it with some of his favorite things!

~Peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into duckies
~Gerber Strawberry yogurt bites

Just something simple, as I've never really done it before, and he's an extremely picky eater! He brought it to daycare with him, and the woman that runs it nearly DIED from cute! ^_^
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