December 17th, 2009

Ms. Bento Bento

Here is the blog post as promised! :) Using my Ms. Bento from my brithday (in August!) for the first time. I know, how ashamed I am that I took so long to try it out!

(click for larger photo) Pork tofu, rice, chicken karaage, cucumber pickles, orange bell pepper. This Ms. Bento is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I own a Tiger thermal: post here, but I was pretty peeved when I found out that it wasn't leak proof. The Ms. Bento soup container IS leakproof and it held my soupy pork tofu perfectly. I heated it up in the morning with some boiling water for about 5 minutes and it kept my food hot until lunchtime. Definitely a great present. :) Till next time!

Glaedelig Jul

Bento # 677 & 678

I didn't post # 677 yesterday because.. frankly it's so utterly pathetic and ugly that the only reason I'm posting it at all is because I don't want a gap in my postings here... So to counterbalance that, I had to think of something at least CUTE for the newest one, # 678 - and I think I succeeded. Christmas elves play a lot bigger role in Danish yule lore than most other countries. In Denmark it's the elves (or nisser, they're somewhere between gnomes and elves, not REALLY being either one) that brings the christmas presents, sometimes helped by Santa, but they've sorta mixed here. So they're a common sight on christmas cards and of course in any sort of christmas decoration. And now on bentos, too :)

Bento # 678
Bento # 678
Ovenbaked pasta and veggies in cheese/cream sauce. Decorated with christmas elves made of baloney, salami, red and yellow sweet pepper and carrot. Trees of cucumber. Chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce. Kiwi.

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bento #12

So, here we have today's bento.

The top box is curry noodles with chicken and broccoli. (Leftover dinner from yesterday). The bottom is asparagus, cut veggies and little sandwiches with brie and pumpernickel. Also a tomato flower and some pear/ physalis for dessert.

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