December 15th, 2009


Bento # 675

For a few days I'd known I'd do a bento featuring some christmas elves. So I'd saved two sweet peppers for that purpose since it's perfect for their hats. And then... when I finally meant to do it tonight and opened the fridge.. only ONE pepper remained. So.. instead of the pair of elves I'd visualized and planned.. I had to make a change to this, rather pathetic lonely elf *L*

But hey.. it's at least tasty...

Bento # 675
Bento # 675
Crispy chicken fillet. Sweet pepper. Egg. Melty Kiss chocolates. Orzo with pesto, topped with leek, carrot and yellow sweet pepper.


Bento items on Menu for Hope hunger charity

I'm donating a "Winnie the Pooh Goes Bananas" Bento Kit to the Menu for Hope hunger fundraising charity -- US$10 gives you a chance at this bento set with Winnie the Pooh food shaping tools (sandwich cutter, egg mold, onigiri mold, vegetable cutters) & silicone food cups, Putifresh banana bento box, kinchaku bag, insulated lunch bag, matching chopsticks/case, bento band, and a "spife" (spoon/knife) for packing a whole kiwifruit. Full details here at Lunch in a Box, with a photo of the set behind the cut.

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Bento #10

No bento yesterday 'cause I had a very important exam and my stomach doesn't want any lunch in such situations...

But, I got a new box and some accessories! Yay!

So, Bento #10 in the new box.

A bit more japanese this time with rice, furikake, chicken with teriyaki sauce and sesame in the one box.
Tamagoyaki, cucumber, carrot and a tomato flower and physalis and pear in the other box.

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