December 14th, 2009

Keep Calm

Snowman Bento

The snowman is made of a slice of cheese on top of a mini pork pie for the body, a babybel with the top cut off for the head, nori on cheese for the hat and other bits, bacon for a scarf and carrot for his nose. He's surrounded by brocolli and comes with some pickle, some after dinner mints with sprinkles and some sesame biscuit things.
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Bento # 674

At least in Sweden and Denmark, the 13th is Lucia Day.. and since it was a Sunday with no school, the customary "Lucia Parade" will take place tomorrow.. and thus I thought it would be suitable to do a Lucia bento... so here it is...

Bento # 674
Bento # 674
Black pasta with tomato pesto topped with leek, carrot, quail- and ordinary egg, mini corn coba, cucumber, baloney and some "telephone cord" pasta

Musical Monday

I posted this today to bento challenge... it's all about musical instruments this week. My daughter made Texas All State Band playing her clarinet - here is a bento to celebrate:

Mushroom spaghetti and eggplant peel clarinet with cheese keys. Tomato and mozzarella salad, peanut butter ball, Hershey's treat, and more eggplant.
Neko Mari
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Bentos #41 and #42

Another day, another meeting, and another bento! Here's today's bentos for my son and me:

The kidlet's: soycutash from Trader Joe's (edamame, corn and red bell pepper), two small ham'n'rice onigiri, a small squeeze bottle of ponzu and some squeaky cheese.

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