December 10th, 2009

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Bento #8

Just a quick one today.
Similar to yesterday's bento but I tried a holly impression (I think I should have added more little red bell pepper dots to make it more clear *sigh*).

Just plain rice, green beans and red bell pepper as decoration (together with paprika and sesame).
Behind rissoles, some veggie-salad with dressing and fruits (physalis and kiwi).

Btw I now know that I don't like the sticky rice I bought a few days ago. It tastes like tasteless chewing gum and has about the same feeling to it... I think I prefer jasmine rice (couldn't find any indication as to how to translate.. is it called jasmine rice in English *puzzled*).
But perhaps I just selected the cheapest less tasty sticky rice. The one I ate in restaurants was always tasty.. *sigh*

Bento # 673

Back with the countdown. My kid has a "work on your own" week at school meaning she can work from home if she wants to so she stayed home for a couple of days and then there was no need for bento.

But she said she wanted to go tomorrow, so I had to hurry a bento from whatever we had in the freezer and fridge...

Bento # 673
Bento # 673
Sandwiches with chicken/curry salad, adorned with cucumber and bell pepper. Fish/tofu "gift" Onigiri-snowman with tuna, carrot, bell pepper and nori. Sausage flowers.


Question: Keeping Sauce in Bottles

I looked through the FAQ and the questions, but I didn't find an answer to this. Of course, I might have missed something.

After having my lunch, I realized how convenient it would be to stock up on sauce bottles, fill them with different sauces, and store them in the fridge until needed. I'd wager this would make my bento-packing go more smoothly, particularly on those rushed mornings, because I could simply grab a prepared bottle and go. It's not fun to use my funnel to get dry seasonings into the larger bottles or to use the "squeeze" method (as described in this community) to fill them when I'm in a hurry.

However, I'm concerned about the safety. While I would assume that keeping them in the fridge would keep them safe, I'm not an expert on little plastic sauce bottles. I could be overlooking dangerous circumstances that would ruin my bottles and render me ill.

Question: Do any of you foresee a problem with filling plastic sauce bottles with different ingredients (such as soy sauce, oil, and vinegar) to keep in the refrigerator for a week or two at a time? Sometimes I have leftover sauce, too, and I'd like to be able to reuse it later that week instead of dumping the contents to clean the bottle.

Thank you in advance for your advice!
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Bento #8

Today's bento is probably a haunting memory for every professional food photographer...
It's a southern German specialty ('Linsen und Spätzle' means spaetzle and something like lentil-soup). It tastes so wonderful and I know nothing so tasty that looks SO ugly!
This was the best looking picture I could find, really!
So, what did I do? Hid it ;)

So, to the left there's the hidden specialty. (Hidden under zucchini, red bell pepper dots and sesame).
To the right some sausage-animals, veggies and physalis (in the cup in the back).

I tried cutting sausages in cute shapes. (Without a shaper, don't have one). The octopuses look cute but the crabs are pretty asymmetrical... still cute ;)

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So, nothing fancy today in the looks department, but very very delicious in the taste department ;)