December 9th, 2009

totoro bento

Bento #273

Three bentos in a row! What a good girl I am. (Yeah, there won't be one tomorrow. Thursdays I train during the lunchbreak so I usually eat out.)
The only thing that irks me is that there's not enough working days left in 2009 to reach #300...

This box contains quiche (nakedmarmar suggested goat cheese and broccoli, and it was good - but I should have used more goat cheese than what I had left over), steamed sweet potato flowers, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and a fishy with balsamic vinegar for the veggies.


My bentoblog:

Snack bento

I have been making sandwiches, but the "little man" asked where are the bentos? So I threw together a quick snack/fruit box. Apple slices (should have made rabbits **slaps forehead**) with star carrots and ranch dressing.