December 8th, 2009

totoro bento

Bento #272

I completely forgot to put any cherry tomatos in my bento yesterday! I must've been tired. Amending it in this bento.
The foreground box has fried Grilloumi (a budget Halloumi variant) on lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, basil and rosemary decoration and a marzipan heart.
In the background there's more potato salad on lettuce, decorated with parsley and more cherry tomatoes.


My bentoblog:

First bento, first post

My first bento ever, made for the first day at school (back in September, cough).
Rice and scrambled eggs, paprika-stars, cucumber-hearts, mandarines and yoghurt.
Made me realize that wanting something to look pretty can be a lot of work. ;)

What do you think, did I do well for a newbie?

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First Bento <3

title or description

-1 small banana lightly cooked with a bit of splenda and vanilla extract
-1/3 cup of rice with a small amount of this amazing grilling sauce
-1 red potato cooked in olive oil with sea salt, Italian herbs and a few tiny carrot sticks

Ok, not literally my first bento but it's close enough. My very first was just rice and grilled chicken to try things out.

Been finding this community a very good resource for food ideas. I'm just one of those people needs a visual reference in order to be inspired to eat different things (restaurant menus are not my friends). In an effort to prepare myself for living away from my parents (someday anyway) and of course eating cheaper, I thank you all.
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Bento #7

Here's today's bento.

In the back there is a smiling rice with tamagoyaki left and right.

On the front there's two little rissoles, some veggies with sesame and some fruits to the right.

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Basket Omelet Bento Box

We are experiencing a Pacific NW freeze wave, so I packed a garden basket in attempt to simulate a summer's day!

An omelet weave covers veggie fried rice. The second tier has both roasted asparagus and stir fried bok choy, baby corn, etc.

How did that omelet get so so yellow?