December 7th, 2009


Bento # 672

The countdown continues here on the other side of the week end.

If I am to pull this calendar thing off, I need YOUR input. Ideas to what else I can make is more than welcome! As are comments in general ;)

Bento # 672
Bento # 672
Chili cheese poppers. Tonkatsu. Peas and an apple heart. Pasta "ears" with tomato pesto, decorated with an angel made of quail- and ordinary egg and some lasagna-pasta.

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Monday Bento

A rather mixed bunch tonight. From the top left a clementine, 4 pork shu mai, a chicken and mushroom filo pie, 2 fruit gummys, 4 after dinner mints, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes. In all the little gaps are mange tout peas cut into little spikes. It seemed more visually dynamic in real life!
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Only one bento last week

It was a bit weird really. Japanese Potato Salad, inarizushi with spicy mayo and prawns and mange tout with sweet chilli and lime. Too much mayo!
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Love Bento #8

The love in this bento, manifested in the rather crudely-made bell pepper heart, is partially for my boyfriend, as this was the bento I made him for today's lunch (mine was similar, but no heart), and partially for the quiche! I love quiche, and I've been dying to try these mini quiches from JustBento for weeks. Upon further review, I discovered the recipe for these quiches were the product of a guest post by jokergirl! You rock, jokergirl! Seriously. I tried the sun-dried tomato and feta variety. They were TO DIE FOR.

The non-quiche part of the bento is rotini with sautéed fresh vegetables (red bell peppers, carrots, onions, and zucchini) and chick peas. Veggies and marinara sauce are underneath the pasta.
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Bento #6

I like today's bento especially because of the nice color combination.

On the front are some christmas cookies (later put in an extra bag), behind peas, tomatoes, zucchini, pear and physalis.

Behind are Linguine Carbonara.

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