December 4th, 2009


Bento # 671

Poo.. LJ's scrap book thing is still down. So for once I'll try with the pic from my other source. No fun in posting invisible pictures...

Anyway.. still counting the days to Christmas. Now it's becoming a challenge *L*

Christmas heart-apple on top of banana stars. Fish nuggets. Corn cob. Broccoli. Tri-colour spaghetti with ketchup, decorated with cucumber and bell pepper.
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bento #5

Today's bento.
I'm afraid it's noodles again (I got a bit carried away on Wednesday night while making them so it was waaayyy too much ;) )
But for the sake of change, I decorated the noodles with a little forest (all zucchini).

In the other box are some mini pumpernickel sandwiches, another salad with a dressing pig and a fruit bowl with physalis, grapes and pear.

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