December 3rd, 2009


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Continuing the Christmas Countdown with this one, intended for tomorrow, December 3rd ^_^

(oh and if the pic won't show it's because LJ is doing some Scrap Book maintenance... it will be back :) )

Bento # 670
Bento # 670
Quail eggs. Broccoli. Spicy sausages. Banana/kiwi. Orzo with ketchup, decorated with cucumber peel and carrot.


Somewhat Yellow Bento...

Need a quick lunch tomorrow so not too many bits. Apple pastry in the top left, cucumber slices and cheese and marmite on an english muffin on the right, dried apicots, craisins and almonds on the bottom left. All easy to hold in one hand whilst working!
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Bento #4

So, here's today's bento.
As we have december now, there are some self-made cookies and christmas-tree- and star-shaped- carrots.

The smaller box is left over noodles with carrots and zucchini.
The bigger box is salad with a dressing pig, fruit salad (physalis and grapes) and the cookies.

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good evening cat

Bento #7: the last of the leftover turkey least in my apartment, anyway. I'm sure they're still rolling in leftovers at my parents' house.

Top: red bell peppers, beans and rice
Bottom: turkey salad sandwich

I was reluctant to do a sandwich bento, since part of the reason I got into bento-making in the first place was to pack more of a variety of foods in my lunches, but I still do like sandwiches. I think this one came out okay, but as I was packing it, I wished that I had something green to stick in between the sandwich pieces. I think that really would have made it pop. Alas, no green veggies in my fridge. But perhaps this means I'm starting to think like a bento artist?