December 2nd, 2009


Bento # 669

As much as I like this thermal bento, it's hard to use properly for oekaki-bento. But from time to time I manage to get an idea that sorta.. works with it. As this does, IMO. Basically, this is just leftovers from dinner, rice and fish curry (the world's easiest dish) decorated a little in an attempt to get into the spirit of the season ^_^

Bento # 669
Bento # 669
Fish curry and rice, decorated with bell peppers and cucumber peel

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Bento #3

Hi there,

as I'm in bento-fever now, here is today's bento:

It's leftover smoked salmon with rice, nicely shaped vegetables and some fruit. The white cream in the middle is creamed horseradish for the salmon.
In the lid are some smarties.

Now I'm waiting for some items to get shipped so I can improve the look of my bentos a little more like the cute ones that can be seen around here.

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