December 1st, 2009


Bento # 668

Looking at my last two bentos it would seem like we got all our food from various fast food chains.. that's not the fact *L* just an odd coincidense that yesterday's bento featured something from McD and this one is filled with Burger King stuff *L*

Bento # 668
Bento # 668
Chili cheese poppers. Hotwings. Mini corn cob. Ramune candy. Potato salad with sweet chili, decorated with bell pepper.

Zee Captain
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I made bentos for me and Boyfriend :)
(egg, radish, carrot, cucumber, apple/sauce, lettuce, rice, and seaweed)
I added little fishie bottles full of soy sauce later.

I spent a billion hours on them trying/failing/trying again using my new bento-making toys from J-list.