November 30th, 2009


Bento # 667

Once again featuring the deep-fried cheese hearts from McD. I was (once again) working late and had to make do with what I could get on a Sunday evening...

Bento # 667
Bento # 667
Spinach ramen with garlic oil. Mozarella Hearts. Egg. Mini corn cobs. Broccoli. Kiwi.

Holiday Leftovers

There was a hodgepodge of half portions in my fridge, and in my mission to keep from throwing away food, I threw together a holiday leftover bento.

Black Thai rice, kielbasa, sweet and spicy pork, cornbread dressing, and veggies.
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Three Bento

I managed to make 3 bento last week! Hurrah!

The first is Three Mushroom Rice, two chicken tenders with tonkatsu sauce in the doggy, and cucumber asian salad

The second was pesto potato salad with cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas, a mini courgette and feta quiche, cocktail sausages, and cucumber

The last is a weird one, I thought the noodles were vegetarian when I took them out the freezer but it turned out they had beef in them! So Salmon Teriyaki, Noodles with beef and veg and avocado with sesame oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

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Sandwich Bento

Simple thrown together lunch again. Cheese and pickle and ham and pickle sandwich rolls, with homemadebread buns, a slice of chocolate cake, baby plum tomatoes, some slices of cucumber and a laughing cow cheese triangle.

One of the reasons I love bento is that even if I'm just making sandwiches before I'd have just thrown them in a bag and off I'd go, may be buying some chocolate from the shop too. Now I make sure that even if it's just sandwiches I have a few veggies and other bits to eat as well, which are much better than the chocolate. Even the homemade chocolate cake here is better as it's a relatively low fat one. So even when I'm not trying very hard I still end up with something that is so much better for me!
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