November 27th, 2009


Bento # 666

So.. I hope I am not offending anyone.. but since it was # 666 and that number is.. well.. the number of the Beast.. I thought I'd do a devilish bento to celebrate it. As an added, and unexpected bonus, I happened to find chili spahgetti today in an arab grocer. It is HOT! I bought it because it was red, but it also tastes differently than "ordinary" spaghetti. Definitely hot as h... ^_^

Bento # 666
Bento # 666
Corn cob. Broccoli. Chicken Chunks (breaded chicken). Kiwi. Chilipasta with ketchup, decorated with bell pepper and carrot.

Friday's lunch

We didn't have any leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner (sniff - it was at someone else's house) so all I had to contribute to today's bento was the pie. But is was still yummy!

Spinach & red pepper quiche, cucumber weave, homemade bread with spinach and parmesan ribbon, radishes and pumpkin pie with crust squiggle.

Two more lunches

Something simple

Broccoli, penne pasta in a tomato sauce with italian sausage and zucchini

Leftovers FTW

Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots, turkey, cranberry sauce (why is it a sauce when it is clearly jelly?), deviled eggs, roll.

Hope everyone who celebrates thanksgiving had a good one! :3